About this website

Who runs the site?

A thirtysomething male with an interest in travel and exploring different places!


Apart from the travel interest I wanted to learn a bit about HTML and webdesign. So armed with various books along with some web research I developed these pages. What you are reading is the result of this project.

What hardware and software did you use to make these pages?

The main hardware was a MacBook Pro using BBedit as the editor. If you are PC based I would recommend CoffeeCup HTML editor as a good alternative.

My hosting and domain name registration is with www.GoDaddy.com . They are the world's biggest seller of domains and have very good prices and an easy to navigate web based system to control everything.

Go Daddy $1.99 Domains

Tell me about the adverts and do they make money?

The adverts are from well known online travel brands. They don't come much bigger than Expedia and lastminute.com in the online travel business. These companies like to partner with web publishers as a part of their marketing strategy. They get exposure on the Web at no cost and they pay small commissions when people buy. When people "click thru" the banners from greatcitybreaks.com and make a booking then I get a small commission. This is certainly not going to enable me to retire but the hope is that it will give me a contribution to my broadband and hosting charges!

What about a mailing list?

I may start a mailing list at a future point. Let me know if you wish to be part of this or if you have any comments or feedback.



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