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Car Hire Guide and Deals

Booking car hire online is convenient and is likely to get you a better deal! Reservations are made on line but payment will be taken from your credit card when the hire is complete.

Car groups are generally classified by a letter. eg. A for a very basic to E etc for a luxury vehicle. Carefully consider size and lugguge requirements before you book. If you are lucky when you pick the car up you may get an upgrade! Remember that manual transmissions are more common in Europe with Automatics in North America and Australia.

The process at the counter and things to look out for are as follows:

The car hire desk will have your booking. They will ask you to provide your driving licence and a credit card (for guarantee).

Make sure you hand over any Frequent Flyer number to maximise your points!

Consider your insurance options carefully. Excess reduction can add up over a few days but a bill for several thousand will not go down well if you have an accident! Underbody or overhead damage is often excluded unless some "supercover" is taken out at the appropriate premium. Weigh up the risks and take the chance if you wish or pay up for peace of mind.

Consider the fuel options available carefully. You may get the option to "pre-purchase" a tank of fuel. This will only be a good deal if you are going to use nearly a full tank. The best option is to fill up yourself just before you return the car. If you don't return the car full of fuel you will be heavily penalised at a high price per litre. Make sure you fill up before you return!

You will need to sign your contract and acknowledge any damage on the condition report. Make sure you check this when you get to the car! If there is damage not on the condition report then you will be charged! If you find any get the staff to update the sheet before you depart!

Drive safely and remember which side of the road you should be on!