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Sarajevo is probably not the first destination to cross your mind when it comes to top locations for a European City Break. The city has much to offer the tourist and is one of the safest and friendliest places in Europe. Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia Herzegovina and is home to around 400,000 people. The rich history of the city, including very recent history, gives the traveller a fascinating place to spend a few days either as a standalone weekend break or as a stop on a holiday in the region.

Getting there

Air: Sarajevo airport (SJJ) is close to the city centre. To get to the city the best and cheapest option is to take a cab to the tram terminus at Ilidza. The tram line will then take you direct into the city centre. The airport is served from Gatwick Airport in the UK on BA and there are numerous other options from mainland Europe including B&H airlines and Germanwings.

For flights to Sarajevo click Expedia.co.uk for great flight deals.

Rail: There is a daily train from Budapest which takes around 12 hours to make the journey. You can also arrive from Croatia with a couple of trains a day leaving from Zagreb. For a scenic option take the train from Ploce in Croatia which travels via Mostar and passes through some beautiful mountain scenery.

Bus: Bus services are available to many destinations in the region. Banja Luka is 5 hours away and has numerous daily departures. For a scenic drive consider the 7 hour trip to Podgorica in Montenegro which passes through some great mountain scenery. There are also services to Vienna and Belgrade amongst others.


Sarajevo has a wide range of accommodation to suit all budgets including a Holiday Inn. Check out Expedia City Break Hotel Deals. Alternatively look at Hotels.com City Break Hotel Deals.

What to See and Do

Sarajevo's numerous attractions include the following:

Latin Bridge: This bridge is one for the history buffs. It was here that the Archduke of the Austrian Hungarian empire Franz Ferdinand was assassinated thus starting the First World War. There is a plaque on the bridge commemorating this event.

Old Town: The Old Town is very unlike many in Europe with is numerous mosques amongst other churches and the early morning call to prayer.

Sarajevo Tunnel Museum: This is part of Bosnia's more recent history. The tunnel was used to ferry supplies into the city during the recent conflict. Entrance to the tunnel is in a suburban area near the airport.

Bosnian Historical Museum: This museum is a must see if you are to understand the recent history of the city and its place in recent conflict.

Getting Around

Tram: The centre of the city is served by a tram network. Buy tickets and validate when you board the tram. Inspectors are a common occurence so make sure you get a ticket!

Walk: The city is an easy place to wander around on foot. Navigation can be tough as street signs can be few and far between. Make sure you get a map!